Jesse 200x300

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Jesse Morgan left to fight in the Civil War as a man who used his looks and his charm to get what he wanted. He came back to hide from the world in Rocky Ridge with an injury that makes it difficult to do more than look after his own basic needs.

Dr. Grace Leonard has never let the word “no” stop her from going after what she wants. Since graduating from the medical college back east, she’s come home in Rocky Ridge to work alongside her father.

Grace sees the real man behind Jesse’s bitter exterior, a man she grows to love. She’s convinced new techniques she’s learned can help him recover, if she can persuade him to try. Jesse is drawn to Grace more than any other woman he’s ever known. He admires her intelligence and her hard work, not to mention how she makes him want more than he can have. But she deserves a man who’s whole and who can provide for her. He can’t, and likely won’t ever be able to.

Can Grace help Jesse heal, both his body and his heart? And can Jesse allow himself to look forward to the future again?

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