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Lawyer Brett Morgan has big goals, including becoming mayor of Rocky Ridge and eventually, territorial governor. The only problem – the town council wants the mayor to be a married man, and Brett has no intention of marrying a woman he doesn’t love even if she is a ‘suitable’ politician’s wife.

Lucy Hart – with her dusty trousers, flannel shirts and callused hands – plans to work the Two Harts Mine until the day she dies. She has no real education and no other way to earn a living, and she can’t imagine any man being attracted to her.

When Lucy’s future is threatened by two men who claim her father sold the mine to them before he died, she hires Brett to help her prove the deed they have is a forgery.

Even though Brett and Lucy are opposites in almost every way, their attraction to each other is undeniable. Can they prove the mine legally belongs to Lucy? And will Lucy and Brett deny their mutual attraction, or can they find a common ground and follow their dreams together?

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