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 Landry’s Back in Town is the first book in the Rocky Ridge Romance Series, a spinoff from the Morgans of Rocky Ridge.

Landry Mitchell made a mistake coming home when he got out of prison. The residents of Rocky Ridge, Colorado aren’t the forgive-and-forget type, so all he wants now is to be left alone.

As a young child, Olivia Harding learned the hard way that approval only came from doing for others. Now, since she has no family of her own to love and care for, she spends her days at the town orphanage help to look after the children there.

When Landry rescues Olivia from a dangerous situation, she sees a man who is lonely, a man who is hurt, a man who needs her whether he realizes it or not. As their feelings for each other grow, he starts to believe they might have a future together.

Until trouble comes back to town …


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