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Miranda Lowe knows she isn’t the kind of woman men want to marry, but when she loses her family, her home and her job on the same day, she sees no other choice but to offer herself as a mail-order bride to a widower in Sapphire Springs, Texas.

John Weaver needs a mother for his five-year-old twin daughters. He has no intention of falling in love again, and as long as the woman who agrees to marry him understands that, they can have a good life together.

So why is John suddenly thinking about changing the rules? And why is Miranda willing to do whatever it takes to become the kind of woman John could love?

Can John and Miranda find a way to come together and build a real family?

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Book 1 – Miranda – (available now)
Book 2 – Audra – March, 2019 (preorder now)
Book 3 – Kathryn – March 25, 2019