Are the cows on strike?

After ten hours of nerve-wracking pool trying to win a spot in the regional championships (and losing), I was in need of comfort food. I needed ice cream. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, to be exact.

So, off I went to my local grocery store (the only one open on Saturday nights). And wouldn’t you know it? Not one carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream to be found. Or strawberry. Or even butterscotch ripple. In fact, the freezer section was almost bare. Why was there a sudden shortage of ice cream? Surely there couldn’t be that many people in need of consolation in my little town at the same time.

Then I spied a few containers of Cadbury Crispy Crunch ice cream in the back of the freezer. I’d never tried it before, and I’m not one for having candy bars in my ice cream, but desperation won out. It’s actually pretty good, but I still prefer my mint chocolate chip.

Note to self: next playoffs, buy ice cream first, just in case.

What’s your favorite comfort food?


Are the cows on strike? — 7 Comments

  1. So, Tori got me hooked on Blue Bell ice cream. Which I can’t find where I live, but now look for it everywhere we travel. Can’t beat it!!

  2. Bwahahahaha!!! The last time we had Blue Bell, Mom bought Moo-llinium Chocolate Crunch (or something like that). Pretty yummy! My only complaint with Blue Bell is they have this tendency to experiment and I’ll get hooked on some new flavor they’re trying then it’s gone, never be to seen or heard from again.

  3. I like my chocolate without mint, thank you. The more chocolate the better. Edy’s used to make a double dutch chocolate brownie ice cream that was to die for.

  4. Nice blog!!

    My favorite comfort food is chocolate or pizza. I tend to crave these if I’m having a bad day. My husbands knows too. I say, “We’re having pizza tonight.” He asks “So tell me what happened.”

  5. I’m so all over the ice cream. My favourite was the President’s Choice “I Scream”, which was orange sherbet mixed with great big hunks of chocolate. MMMMMMM. It’s usually only available at Halloween, but the past few years, I haven’t seen it out. I guess I’m one of the few that likes this combination. 🙁