The down side of down

I learned something new this morning.

In my spring cleaning frenzy, I tried to launder the down pillows from my bed. I checked the internet to see if there was some reason I shouldn’t put them in water (even though I couldn’t imagine one, since down gets wet when it’s on the goose or the duck.)

The instructions said to launder the pillows in a front-loading machine. Uh … I don’t have a front loader. But really, what difference could it make, right?

It does. Because, as I found out – down pillows float. I suppose that’s one of the reasons duckies and geese don’t drown.

Any suggestions for cleaning my pillows now that they’re saturated – and still dirty?


The down side of down — 5 Comments

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m giggling here. I have this mental image of your pillows paddling around in the washing machine, then taking flight. :rotfl:

  2. A.) Hand wash them in a tub where you can physically push them under the water.

    B.) Find a laundromat that has front loading washers.


  3. Melissa, thanks for the offer, but with the cost of postage, I could buy new pillows 😆

    I’m sure there must be a laundromat in this town somewhere.