There’s no I in team

I heard that a lot over the weekend at the CPA Regional Pool Championships. Unfortunately my team lost in the quarter finals. :loser: I would have taken photos but when a player is focused on a shot, I don’t think they would appreciate flashes going off. And if nobody’s playing, there’s not much worth photographing.

So, it’s my match. Quarter finals. Two out of three. The score is tied 1/1. I’m at the table. My first instinct is to play a defensive shot. My opponent isn’t going to run it out, and I’ll get back to the table. But there’s another easy shot, and then the eight ball – the shot that could finish it. So I second guessed myself and decided to go for it.

The tables are really fast there, and the white ball kept going … and going … and going. It went into the opposite pocket. My opponent gets the ball, and wins the game.

No, there’s no I in team, but there’s an I in stupid. :wall: And no, I wasn’t the only one who lost and eliminated our team. But still … I had a gut feeling I should play defensive, and I ignored it. Lesson learned. Go with your first instinct. It’s usually right.

Do you ever feel deep down you should do something, and ignore it? And do you regret it?


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