Until next year …

It’s official! Summer is over for another year, which is enough to put me in a miserable mood for … oh, about eight months. I’m a summer girl. Love shorts, flip-flops, ice-cold drinks, lazing by the pool, golf. I love every sweltering degree of summer, and even the humidity and the mosquitoes aren’t bad enough to change my mind.

But just so I don’t get too depressed at the thought of the sub-zero temperatures ahead for the next few months, I’m thinking about things I love about Fall, in no particular order.

* nights cool enough to sleep with the windows open
* crunching leaves under my feet
* roasting marshmallows on a campfire at the lake
* Thanksgiving
* apple cider
* wearing sweaters again
* watching the leaves change colour
* Hallowe’en

What about you? Do you like Fall, or are you like me and it’s one of the seasons I have to suffer through to get to summer again?


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