Writers’ weekend

This past weekend, two writer friends and I packed up our laptops, jammies and snacks and headed to the lake for a writers’ retreat. Almost as good as RWA’s national conference, but closer to home and MUCH cheaper. I’d have photos, but the batteries on my camera died – again!!

The weather co-operated, staying chilly enough that we weren’t tempted to venture outside, and the sky was crystal clear, most important for watching the stars at night through the skylights where my friends were sleeping.

I personally didn’t do much actual writing in the evening, but I could still hear the other two working madly, the keyboards clicking away after I’d given up and gone to bed. I did play around with a few ideas though, and I tried converting a novel into a screenplay. Let me tell you, scriptwriting isn’t as easy as it seems, although I do LOVE the idea of not having to write much description and introspection! I gained a lot of respect for those TV and film writers who are out on strike right now. I also gained something else – about three pounds. 😡

I think writers’ weekends should be mandatory, if for no other reason than to hang out with other people who don’t think you’re crazy because imaginary people talk to you.


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