I’m back

To blog or not to blog, that is the question …

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Shakespeare on you, but it has taken a long time to weigh the pros and cons of blogging, and to come to the decision to open up my blog again.

A few years ago, I tried blogging. It was the latest trend, and everybody was starting a blog. So naturally, I started one, too. Trouble was, I wasn’t ready for it, and wasn’t even really sure I wanted to be committed to writing every day. The blog lasted for a while, but eventually, it petered out.

Now, I’m ready (I think). So I’m going to try it one more time. I don’t want to get carried away, so I’m planning on posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for now. The question is – should I write to a theme or should I just stick with random off-the-top-of-my-head rambling? What do you think? Any preference?

To celebrate the grand re-opening of my blog, I’m giving away an electronic copy of my latest western historical romance, Wild Wyoming Wind. Leave a comment for your chance to win.

Until next time,


I’m back — 7 Comments

  1. Congratulations on your new book! And good luck blogging. I have a hard time staying regular with my blog and no longer try. I just put one up when I have something going on.

  2. Congrats on WWW and on joining the blogging world. I’m a regular blogger (M, W, F) with a couple thrown in on T-Th when I feel like it. Just because I’m a regular blogger, it doesn’t mean I get daily readers. My readers tend to pop in once or twice a week and never comment, but I know they visit because I look at my blog stats.

    Sometimes the blog post lends itself to comments, sometimes not. I used to try to write writerly-types of blogs, but there are other authors that are better at that than I am. So I write about what strikes me–and I usually find something to blather about!

    Today’s topic is Summer Lethargy.

  3. Hey Margery,

    Welcome back to blogging. I’ve blogged off and on for years. (much more off than on) I’d go through spurts where I would blog fairly steadily, get quite a nice following going and then get strapped for time, drop blogging completely and lose all my followers. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve resurrected my blog.

    I do think its an important step in connecting with some of our readers though– not all, just some–and I am trying to blog more steadily. Like you I’m aiming for M, W and F. We’ll see how successful I am going to be at this.

  4. Thanks, Edie. I don’t know how successful I’ll be, but three days a week is my goal for now.

  5. Thanks, Margaret. Three days seems doable, and if there’s sonething going on, I’ll try to post on the other days as well. I’m not planning a writer-type blog, so it’ll likely end up being a mixture of whatever happens to strike me at the time. My only hope is that it’s interesting enough to entice readers to come back often.

  6. Trish, thanks. The last time I tried blogging was a few years ago and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I think it is important to connect with our readers, so hopefully this will work. Good luck with your blog.

  7. Margery, all you can do is try and to decide it’s important. I am better with my group blog than I am with my personal one. Good luck Maybe the time is right and you are in the right place!