Soda anyone?

When my family first arrived in Canada, my mother got a job in a local department store. In those days, there was no food court, just a “lunch counter”, a long counter with a dozen or so padded stools riveted to the floor. Every day, I’d meet my mother for lunch. Once or twice a week, she’d offer (actually, she’d finally give in to my badgering) and let me have a chocolate soda. Only chocolate would do. In fact, I don’t even remember what other flavors were available.

A real chocolate soda started with chocolate syrup, a tall glass filled with ice cream, and carbonated water. It foamed up and over the top of the glass and always came with both a straw and a spoon.

I don’t know when sodas disappeared from the menu, but when my boys were young, root beer and 7-Up floats became popular – a pale imitation. Without chocolate, they just didn’t do it for me.

I suddenly have an urge to play Rock Around the Clock on the CD player and fix myself a chocolate soda. How about you?
Have you ever had a real chocolate ice cream soda?

Hmm…is it even possible to buy carbonated water these days?

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