Murdoch is home

Welcome to the newest addition to our family. No, not a child or a grandchild (I’ve given up on that), but the next best thing – a grand-puppy. My son and his girlfriend brought him home last weekend. He’s a Golden Retriever named Murdoch and at this posting is about 8-9 weeks old.




Of course, he’s still a baby so he sleeps a lot, and he’s not fussy about where or when. He seems to particularly like to snooze under the coffee table, half in and half out.




He still cries a little at night, hasn’t quite mastered potty-training, and is convinced his step-brothers (the cats, Zander and Kitty) are there for his personal entertainment, to chase and harass whenever he’s in the mood.







Yes, Murdoch’s parents have a lot of work ahead of them, but really, who could resist this face?


Murdoch is home — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations Grandma!! He is such a cutie, just like the one I would like but…… 😀