Six sentence Sunday

This week’s sentences come from the opening page of Wild Wyoming Wind, a western historical romance set in the Wyoming  wilderness. Maddie Boone lives alone on her homestead, and she doesn’t take kindly to visitors, especially uninvited ones.


“Get off my land!” Maddie Boone’s finger trembled on the trigger of the Winchester in her hand, but she held the barrel steady.
The stranger drew his roan-colored stallion to a halt. Leaning on the pommel of his saddle, he met her gaze. His horse whinnied and shuffled, raising a cloud of dust in the drought-ridden yard.

“I told you to get out,” Maddie repeated, adjusting the rifle’s aim until it rested in the centre of his broad chest. “I’m not about to tell you again.”


Wild Wyoming Wind is available now on Amazon,, Smashwords and AllRomance Ebooks

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  1. Angela, thanks for the compliment about my description. I always feel I don’t write description well.