I need Holmes on Homes

Caution: construction zone.

A few months ago, we tore down a closet and a wall to create an open concept living space in our house at the lake.

The demolition left a gaping hole in the ceiling as well as a teensy wall we couldn’t take down because of the bulkheads running the length of the room across the windows. We planned to have a contractor refinish the ceiling in the winter, but since he advised us to wait until the summer because of the dust, it was the perfect opportunity to do a little more. I mean, why not? Wasn’t that the contractor’s way of telling me to go ahead and make more changes?

So now, since it’s time to get the ceiling fixed, I might as well get rid of the ugly bulkheads as well as a section of ceiling that used to have kitchen cabinets hanging from it when the house was first built back in the 70’s. There was a name for that style kitchen but I don’t remember it.

This weekend, the demolition began.

A half hour into it, I could barely breathe, even with a dust mask and windows and fans running. So I did what any smart woman would do – I left and hid out in my office with the door closed:)

All that’s left now is the bulkhead across the plate glass window (you can see where the tiny wall is that has to be removed)

and the kitchen.

Mike Holmes and his crew could have torn it down, rebuilt it, painted and redecorated by now. Anybody got his phone number? Maybe if I call and beg, he’ll take pity on me and come fix the rest of my house.


I need Holmes on Homes — 2 Comments

  1. Ends justify the means…it will be brilliant when it’s finished….Did Wyz and the boys do the work? We’re under kitchen reno and our contractor has taken a powder…now finding another to finish the work….but it’s hell living with the progress…..send pics when done.