A new book

Hmm, you guys know me too well 🙂 Dentists: I procrastinate as long as humanly possible. Hair styling: I’m way too fidgety to sit in a salon longer than a quick cut. Vacation: not yet, but with any luck, within the next couple of months. New car: I need one, but sadly, not in the budget right now. So the correct answer is: I’m releasing a new book today. And here it is! It’s the second of the three medical romances that will be released this summer.

Trauma surgeon Mark Chambers never expected to see family physician Diana Guthrie again after she turned her back on their love and went back to their home town in northern Ontario. But when her father, the only surgeon in the area, is injured, Mark, who happens to be home for his brother’s wedding, is persuaded to pitch in. Soon, he’s not only healing Cooper’s Crossing, but it seems he and Diana might be able to rekindle what they once had. But can he ever forgive her when he discovers the real reason she left him?

It’s available now on Amazon and Kobo and will be available soon on B&N, and other outlets where ebooks are sold.

Now for the important part – the winner of a copy of Devil’s Harvest is :drum roll please: Kristina Knight.

Kristina, please email me at margery@margeryscott.com and let me know what format you’d like.

And in the meantime, I’ll make a note to myself that the next contest should be much, much harder :).


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