Six-sentence Sunday – His question: Why did she leave?

Thanks for stopping by. It’s that time again. Time for six sentences from one of my books. This week, I’m taking my sentences from my brand-new release, The Surgeon’s Homecoming. In this scene, Mark has met up with Diana, his ex, for the first time since he’s been home.

Even after all this time, the pain of her desertion was still strong.

It was hard enough to hear about Diana’s life from his mother when he called every Sunday, but to be face to face with her again – well, it was better to stay away from her completely.

Not that she’d want to see him anyway, he assumed. Hell, she’d left without a backward glance that afternoon, and he hadn’t laid eyes on her since. Not an “I’m sorry”, a “it didn’t work out”. Nothing!

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Six-sentence Sunday – His question: Why did she leave? — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for your free book the next victum i can’t wait to read it. Thanks again pat

  2. Boy, she sounds cold! I don’t blame him for wanting to avoid her. But he’s still obviously hurt. I hope he’s very careful with his heart from now on. Sensitive six.