Cover reveal – The Morgans of Rocky Ridge: Zane

Here it is – the cover for the final novella in the Morgans of Rocky Ridge trilogy. The book will be available on September 25th at all e-retailers.

The west is a dangerous place, especially for a lawman. For Zane Morgan, sheriff of Rocky Ridge, Colorado, the law is in his blood. He has accepted this and has resigned himself to being alone. He won’t ask a woman to share his life when the odds of him living long enough to raise a family are slim.

Priscilla Rowan is on the run. Pregnant and fleeing her preacher ex-husband, she’s on her way to California when nature ruins her plans and her child decides to be born sooner than expected. Although she doesn’t trust any man, she has no choice but to accept Zane’s help until she can move on.

As Zane and Priscilla grow closer, Zane discovers protecting her has become much more than his duty. But when the threat is eliminated, how can he ask her to stay without giving up who he is?


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