Natalie Damschroder, “A Kiss of Revenge” and a giveaway

NJDamschroder2colorwebI’m thrilled to welcome fellow Entangled Ignite author Natalie Damschroder to my blog today. The blog is yours, Natalie. Take it away!

Thank you so much, Margery, for hosting me today!

This week is the release of my 15th published novel, A Kiss of Revenge. And let me tell you, this book has had a long journey to publication! It started as an action-adventure with a very unusual romance, was contracted by two publishers (both of whom closed before they really opened), and had at least three major revisions (cutting characters and subplots and really focusing the story) before Entangled Ignite picked it up. We kicked up the romance even more, but the book is still a bit unusual in that the hero doesn’t have a point of view.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get puh-lenty of Griff, and there will be no doubt what he wants and why. He plays a major role in Reese’s quest for vengeance. But that quest stays in Reese’s viewpoint all the way. I think it provides a different level of tension that makes Reese’s difficult choices more relatable.

Much like A Kiss of Revenge has evolved over time, so has my approach to POV, and so has the industry’s. Romances used to be completely in the heroine’s point of view all the time. When authors started delving into the minds and hearts of their heroes, readers embraced the concept with extreme love. 🙂 Then came chick lit and a surge of young adult, and suddenly, first-person point of view was the rage.

I confess, I started out a “traditionalist.” My first nine books were half hero, half heroine. Then I wrote A Kiss of Revenge. After that, I wrote Fight or Flight, which also doesn’t have the hero’s point of view (he might be working with the bad guys!!!) but it does have the daughter’s, with a secondary romance.

Somewhere along the line, I started writing a book that couldn’t be written in anything but first person. I’d never done that before, and I didn’t even like to read it much. (I’ve since adapted, though don’t hand me a book written in present tense—I find those very difficult to get into!) But every author has a book (or many) that has to be told a certain way. The Color of Courage is a superhero story where the superheroes are regular people with regular problems (like getting dumped and struggling to pay the rent) as well as their extraordinary challenges. And you know what? I had so much fun writing that book!

It’s still the only one I’ve done in first person. But I have others with a single point of view that are almost like being in first person, and some that are back to the traditional hero/heroine balance (like February’s romantic adventure, Hearts Under Siege. That balance is still my top choice, though I continue to enjoy exploring stories they way they decide they need to be told.

So what do you like best? First or third person, one point of view, two, or many? Leave a comment, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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KissOfRevenge500About the Book
Marriage is completely over-rated, especially after Reese Templeton’s quadratic failure. She’d rather settle down to a solitary life of owning a bakery—after she tracks down the man responsible for her husband’s death and making her a human Taser full of enough electricity to short out a city block or send a man into cardiac arrest with just one kiss.

But alluring P.I. Griffin Chase is stirring up those feelings of need again. Only this time, her desire to be in his arms has nothing to do with her fear of loneliness and everything to do with the current charging through her body every time he looks at her…touches her.

Griffin hasn’t remained at Reese’s side just because of the spark that has nothing to do with her super-human talents. He’s willing to compromise his rock-solid principles so she can find closure. But before they can move on, he must help her catch her late husband’s killer, staying on track before she has a chance to exact her revenge. Because leading Reese to jail in handcuffs may just break his heart for the final time.

A Kiss of Revenge
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Romantic Suspense
Entangled Ignite, 2013
ISBN 13: 9781622662067

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About the Author
I grew up in Massachusetts, and love the New England Patriots more than anything. (Except my family. And writing and reading. And popcorn.) When I’m not writing romantic adventure for Carina Press and paranormal romance for Entangled Publishing, I do freelance editing and work part time as a chiropractic assistant. My husband and I have two daughters I’ve dubbed “the anti-teenagers,” one of whom is also a novelist. (The other one prefers math. Smart kid. Practical.) You can learn more about me and my books at


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