Vicki Batman and her *scientific* fruitcake poll

Please help me give a big holiday welcome to Vicki Batman, author of The Great Fruitcake Bake-Off.

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The very best holiday dessert is…


Fruitcake! It contains colorful and sugary cherries, pineapples, and citrus rind. Nuts. Spices and enough batter to hold the confection together.

So why do people hate it? Why do some love it?

I did a *scientific* poll of friends and family and received these answers:

Likes the fruit.

I LOVE fruitcake! Love all the ingredients, the texture, and because it reminds me of my mom.

I am one of those people who does like fruitcake, especially homemade ones.  Not so crazy about the store-bought kind, though.  They tend to be too gummy.  But a good fruitcake with lots of fruit and big pieces of nuts, yum!

I don’t like the fruit in it. It’s weird. I love the nuts, but not the fruit.

The taste. It’s bad. *shivers*

Sadly, I can’t get specific – I only remember having a bite of what I thought should be a tasty treat and having a hard time chewing and swallowing and refusing to try again – I was an adult.

I think it tasted like rotten fruit!! Gag me with a spoon!

The only one I like is from Corsicana (I think that’s the fruitcake capital!). The others are too hard and the fruit isn’t real. Overall taste is bad.

I don’t like the fruit. It’s like hard jelly. 

In a perfect fruitcake world, I like it because it’s fruit and cake and nuts and alcohol and, if you’re lucky, chocolate.  What’s not to like?  A bite of fruitcake with a cup of hot tea after shopping on a REALLY cold winter day would perfectly hit the spot. In Texas climate reality, it is too, too, too – too dense, too gooey, too sticky, too chewy, too sugarsugarsugary, and toooo much.  It wears me out.


Hate them. They remind me of an aunt who I disliked immensely. She used to make them.


If I am going to incur the calories in any cake, it better be something that tastes really good. Fruitcake need not apply. Taste and texture


ha, ha.  I have never liked dried fruit.

DISLIKE fruitcake. Everything about it. Smell, texture, taste. And especially the density. I like my cake fluffy and light. Don’t much like carrot cake either. 🙂


I admit I’ve never tried it but the way it looks just turns me off.

I like a good fruitcake which is moist and has lots of fruit and rum in it.  Hard + dry = door stop.

I don’t like the way it tastes. 

I strongly dislike fruitcake – I don’t like all that stuff in it – green cherries, nuts – yuck!


The consensus from the naysayers seems to be they don’t like the fruit and the gummy cake I don’t know where those people went shopping, but the cake I grew up with isn’t like this at all.

So…I wrote “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off” because I do like fruitcake (and saying the word makes everyone giggle). It’s especially tasty when dipped in chocolate, but then, anything with chocolate tastes great (except for bacon. No-no-no. Amend to all meat and veggies).

So if you are interested in a little fruitcake fun and romance, try “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off”, available at:

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Happy Holidays!



Vicki Batman and her *scientific* fruitcake poll — 11 Comments

  1. Fun post, Vicki! In theory, I like fruitcake – I like what it represents, the time the makers put in to it and the history/tradition. But in reality, I don’t like the taste. So I’ll keep in on a cake plate for a few days, to enjoy the pretty bits…and then it goes away.

  2. Hi, Sylvia! Well, the only word funnier than fruitcake might be mincemeat. HMMMMMM. I have an idea!

    Hi, Kristina! What can I say to help you become a lover? Did you know there are many other kinds of fruitcake other than the cherry dotted ones? There are!!! Happy holidays. vb

  3. This is the first fruitcake poll I’ve ever seen! I enjoy fruitcake but always with warm custard dripping down the sides. Old Grannie used to pour an ounce of whiskey over her slice. It certainly is a disputed dessert item and a great conversation starter. Thanks for sharing!
    Gemma Juliana recently posted…Hot Autumn Nights HopMy Profile

  4. I used to really dislike fruitcake, but my Hubby loves it. So somewhere over the years, I developed a taste for it and now if it’s around, I eat it. 😆 I have a recipe I want to try, but have never gotten my act together early enough to actually buy the ingredients and get it started. Maybe someday when I have grandkiddlets!
    Sheila Seabrook recently posted…Naughty and Nice Blog Hop!My Profile

  5. Vicki, you’re the only person I know who likes fruitcake. My mother-in-law made a moist fruitcake that was tasty and the only fruitcake I halfway liked. I’m not a fan. Too much dried fruit and jellied stuff. I do have your fruitcake story in my Kindle and I know I’ll love it as I do all your stories.

  6. Hi, Gemma! Custard on fruitcake sounds yummy. Maybe as yummy as chocolate? lol

    Hi, Sheila! There are many varieties other than the candied citrus and cherry ones. I admit I am spoiled by a bakery’s down in my part of the world. Hugs!

    Hi, Cara! I think more people would like the fruitcake if the fruit was chopped finer. What do you think? oxoxo

  7. Loved the poll. We’ve talked about where I sit on the poll. I do think that there are people who make fruitcake well and places where it makes a good doorstop!

    daringzoey at

  8. Hi, Melissa! I agree with you some can bake and some can’t. I’ve had good red velvet and bad. hugs

  9. Hi, Florence. You know, I’m not into the liquor soaked ones. Some are really strong and seem to mask the fruit and spices. You are so fun.