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Lana WilliamsPlease help me welcome historical romance author Lana Williams to my blog today. Lana is one of the members of Love Historicals, a fabulous new group of fourteen historical romance authors I’m proud to be part of.

Thanks for joining me, Lana. I’m always interested in motivation. The blog is yours. Take it away.

What Motivates You?

Thank you so much for having me, Margery! I’m excited to be part of Love Historicals with you! Today, I’d like to share my latest release, Unraveling Secrets. This historical romance is set in Victorian London (1880’s).

After writing three books set in medieval England, readers have asked what drew me to Victorian times. First of all, I love reading historical romances set in any time period, but for some reason, the Victorian period is especially appealing to me. I suppose it’s because of the changes people were experiencing in their daily life. There were so many new inventions, from transportation to the sewing machine, the typewriter, and the flushable toilet. What interesting times that must’ve been. But with these changes came some growing pains, especially in London and other large cities. All that provides so many ideas for stories!

To be a good writer, I think you have to become part psychologist.  To create believable characters, it helps to have a basic understanding of people, from their motivations, to their flaws, to their strengths. The better you understand people, the better your story. In studying characters, you get the chance to learn a little more about yourself!

One of the most helpful things I learned as I’ve studied people was the different things that motivate us. Discovering this can give you a lift no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s getting healthier or writing a book. Some people are motivated by competition, some by being told they can’t do it, others by breaking things down into small tasks, or by promising themselves a reward when they reach their goal.

A great book on this topic that I highly recommend is Life the Life You Love by Barbara Sher. It has a great way to help you figure out what motivates you and how to use that to accomplish your goals.

For me, my motivator is definitely breaking things down into small tasks. Writing a 400 page novel sounds incredibly intimidating, but I know that I can write one page. By focusing on just that small step, I am in the process of writing my fifth book! So what about you? What motivates you?

I’ll check that book out since I’m not really sure what motivates me. It seems to change from day to day.

Now, can you tell my readers a little about yourself?

Books have always held a magical appeal for me. They transport you to places you’ve never been to, introduce you to fascinating characters, and I’m a sucker for happy endings. Reading books, especially romance, has always been a family event for me, something I share with my mom and my sisters.

The process of writing has a magic all its own. After several years of studying the hero’s journey story arc, I’ve realized that while the first kiss between the hero and heroine is important, it’s the moment before the kiss that can create the biggest emotional punch.

My first book is A Vow To Keep, followed by Trust In Me, then Believe In Me, all part of a trilogy set in medieval England.

My fourth book is Unraveling Secrets and is set in Victorian London.

I live in the Rocky Mountains with my husband, our two boys, and two labs.


Here’s a little more about my latest release, Unraveling Secrets:

When her father’s murderer returns from the dead to threaten her family, Abigail Bradford attempts to warn him off, but soon learns chasing a ghost is no easy task.

Stephen Nolton, Viscount Ashbury, stumbles upon Abigail in the dirty streets of London’s East End. Able to read auras of good and evil after an electromagnetic experiment went terribly wrong, Stephen hovers on society’s edge, keeping secret his unique skill and personal mission. Despite his fascination with the lady and her unique golden aura, he intends to keep his distance.

Desperate to protect her family, Abigail turns to the one man she believes can aid her. In Stephen’s arms, she finds so much more than she hoped. Stephen tries to resist his desire for the independent beauty, afraid she’ll unravel his secrets. But when he discovers the murderer is linked to his own past, he must decide how much he’s willing to risk for love.

Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of Unraveling Secrets:

London, May 1882

Abigail Bradford followed her quarry through the unfamiliar cobbled streets of the East End, her heart pounding with fear, wondering if she trailed a ghost.

“You’re certain that’s Simmons, miss?” asked Thomas, the brawny footman who also served as protector for her family.

“No. How could it be? Vincent Simmons was hung for murdering my father ten years ago.”

Yet his tattered bowler hat bobbed above the crowd just ahead in the evening twilight, the man blissfully unaware of his pursuers.

Thomas had spotted a man loitering outside their Mayfair home last week and chased him off. The same man had returned two days later, allowing Abigail to catch a glimpse of him—and she’d nearly dropped to her knees. His was a face she’d never forget, one that still haunted her nights.

Thomas had followed him to a tavern then to his lodgings in Alsatia. Tonight, they’d caught sight of him making his way home from The Ox and Crown Tavern where he seemed to be a regular, according to what little Thomas had discovered.

Abigail stumbled on the uneven cobbles, her gait awkward in the oversized boots she wore.

“Miss, no offense, but you walk like a girl,” Thomas grumbled. “Can you lengthen your stride?”

Abigail tried to do as he suggested, but the brown trousers she wore were a bit snug. The coarse shirt and wool jacket felt bulky on her slim figure. “Is that better?” she asked.

Thomas merely sighed. He’d been appalled when she’d insisted on coming along on this venture, advising her that a lady could not roam these rough streets. When she’d refused to stay behind, he’d procured a mismatched set of boy’s clothes to disguise her.

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Thanks so much for visiting with me today, Lana. Wishing you much success with Unraveling Secrets and your other books.


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  1. I don’t know what motivates me, but your blog has started me thinking about it, LOL. Your heroine sounds like fun–I like historical heroines who masquerade as boys when the need arises.

  2. I so enjoy your medievals, I’m looking forward to reading the Victorian. As for what motivates me–I wish I knew so I could prompt it now and then 🙂 Lovely post.

  3. Great post! I’m a lot like you, in that I break down my tasks to do.

    I’m super excited to read your latest release! I loved the others!

  4. Great post, Lana. It really has me thinking. Do you find your motivations change? I’m trying to pin mine down since the tried and trues I’ve depended on don’t hold the same sway. 🙂

    Your new trilogy sounds amazing!

  5. I love the Victorian era, too, Lana (two books written during the period, so far). I think I like them because their culture was so very disparate-so lovely, so prim and proper on the surface, and such strong values. But beneath all that sweetness and light seethed the same human passions that have plagued humankind since the opening of Pandora’s Box. The hidden world of the Victorians is a never-ending source of inspiration – and that’s part of what motivates my writing for that era.

  6. Jodi – I think as our life experiences change, our motivations can as well. But I seem to always fall back on 1) breaking things into small steps and 2) having accountability partners that also know my goals and remind me why I set them. Sometimes, it’s also about looking at why I set that goal to begin with – why was it important to me. And of course, thinking about how it will feel when I accomplish it.

    Mairi – I will look for your books! I totally agree with the disparity – excellent point. Thanks for coming by!