Springing forward

Did you remember to set your clocks ahead? I love daylight savings time. I might lose an hour of sleep, but it’s worth it to have light in the evening.:bananadance: How about you? How do you feel about it?

The results

I admit it. I’m a wimp. I caved under the pressure to open the envelope. I wanted to respect the sender’s privacy. Really. But I couldn’t resist.

What do you think it was? A Dear John letter? An invitation? A steamy love note? Oh, I wish. The writer in me wanted it to be something mysterious or provocative. But no. It was nothing that exciting. It was a receipt for day care to the tune of over $5,000.00. :shocked: I’m glad I don’t have kidlets who need babysitting.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why the babysitter doesn’t even know where these children live?

The envelope please …

This envelope was in my mailbox this afternoon when I got home. Normally, if I find an envelope with no stamp, it means someone came by to visit and, since we weren’t home, left a note. But this envelope was addressed to Jack, Diane and Martin.

I don’t know anyone named Jack, Diane and Martin, at least not who would be included in the same piece of mail.

Should I open it? Or should I dispose of it without looking? What do you think?

I’d forgotten …

how much I enjoy knitting. I finally sent off my Bombshell proposal and decided to clean up the basement :wall: Big mistake. So many Rubbermaid containers filled with yarn, fabric, craft supplies, you name it. So, first I’m dealing with the mountains of baby yarn.

Now all I have to do is find a baby to give it to – and figure out how to change the date feature in my camera :oops:.

Burning the candle

To sleep or not to sleep – that is the question. I think I might have to give up either pool or going to the gym.

What to do, what to do – play pool at night and get home late or drag my sorry butt to the gym in the early morning. I can’t do both. Maybe that’s what happens when you get a little more, ahem, mature. Gone are the days I could stay up until two or three in the morning and still manage to get to work on time (and actually be awake).

I could go to the gym later in the day, but I know I won’t. The classes I enjoy are in the morning, and I do work much harder when there’s an instructor and other people (who you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of) – how’s that for a badly parsed sentence?) I need the gym, but I like pool. Maybe I’ll have to schedule in an afternoon nap on those days 🙂

I know, it’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it.:bananadance:

On silver wings …

I’m probably fantasizing about the silver, but whatever the colour, my proposal is now winging its way to New York. :bananadance:

The title is gone from my “Into the Fire” sidebar, but a new one will take its place soon, once I decide what I’m going to write next. For me, deciding what to write is almost as difficult as writing it. So many ideas, so little time. I think I might have to resort to putting blurbs in a hat and choosing one at random :yes:

How do you decide which idea is the one?