This and that

Busy day yesterday, but very productive.

My amnesia gene was in full form, and I was awake and rarin’ to go by 3 am. It was a good thing in a way, because I needed a few extra hours to figure out how to upload images to my website. I added codes, I deleted codes, I moved codes around. Nothing. Finally, after calling on my friends for help, it worked. Finally, I managed to post the interview I did with Silhouette Intimate Moments author Suzanne McMinn on my Readers page.

Even though I was tired, I sucked it up like a good girl and went to pilates class (big mistake that I’m still hurting from), then came home and walked on the treadmill for a half hour.

Oh, and while I was out, I mailed the two proposals to the two agents I met two weeks ago. Hmm, see a “two theme” here?

Played pool last night, and got smoked!! What’s up with that? Not that I don’t ever expect to lose, but why is it I can win against a higher ranked player, and I almost always lose to players ranked lower than I am?

So that was my day. Today, I get back to my volcano story. The goal is to have the proposal finished by the weekend. Now maybe if I can get up at 3 am. every day … nah, it won’t happen when I want it to.


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