Practice makes perfect

It’s an old adage, but it’s true. And without practice, skills deteriorate. This was never more clear to me than last night at pool. I got beaten. BADLY. :thumbsdown: Shots I can make 99/100 times were so far off it was as if I was wearing somebody else’s eyeglasses. I couldn’t judge how hard to hit the ball, my angles. Nothing. It was UGLY!!

My skills are disappearing. My game is gone :hissyfit: And there’s only one reason why – I’m not practicing. For a while, I was playing at least three times a week. Two nights of league play and one or two days just practicing – and eating lunch with my dh, but I digress. I only play one night a week now. And it’s starting to show.

The same principle applies to writing, which is why we’re told to write every day. Practice, practice, practice. And it’s also true that when I write every day, my writing shows it. So why don’t I do it? Why am I not eager to get to the computer every morning to see how my skills and techniques are improving?

Hmm, maybe I’ll go play pool while I ponder this.


Practice makes perfect — 4 Comments

  1. :whip:
    Ah, I feel the same way about writing! I sit and look at the blank page (I prefer long hand) and sometimes it overwhelms me. I am making progress though. Very slooow progress.

    Hang in there with writing and pool! You will do well at both in the end.

  2. Hmm, well you can come play pool against me – you’d be CERTAIN to win :bananadance:

    But I hear you about practising. I want to get a piano, but it’s been so many years since I played, I can only imagine how much practising I’d have to do. :wall:

    Which is why I like to write a variety of things – novels, poems, articles and reviews and yes, even blog posts 🙂 They ALL keep my writing skills as sharp as they can be. And help me develop them too. :thumbsup: