Tile vs. laminate vs. ceramic vs. …

So we’re finally getting ready to install a new kitchen floor. If we ever get the old peel-and-stick tiles up, that is. It takes FOREVER to peel the tile and scrape, scrub and wipe the glue away. Instead of turpentine, I bought a non-toxic liquid that’s supposed to dissolve glue. Uh … it doesn’t. So my fingers are scraped raw from steel wool, my arms are aching … and the glue is still on the floor.:hissyfit:

But the longer it takes, the more time I have to decide exactly what to install. Vinyl tile is easy, and if one tile gets gouged or ruined, it’s easy to replace. Cushionfloor – the 2001 version of linoleum looks nice, and there aren’t seams. Ceramic/marble/slate is beautiful, but it’s a huge job to install, and it’s cold on the feet. Laminate is the latest trend, but I wonder how well it will hold up over the long term. See my dilemma?:wall:


Tile vs. laminate vs. ceramic vs. … — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, Margery, I hear ya! My ceramic tile floor, which I thought would last 30 years, is deteriorating after just half that, so we need to replace it. It covers pretty much all of the house except the bedrooms. I haven’t done a thing, because I simply cannot decide what to put down! It has to stand up to doggie toenails, and it has to look at least somewhat nice, and easy to clean would certainly be a plus.

    My friend has laminate, and she adores it, but I just can’t decide. It’s a major expense and a major addition to the house, so I want it to be right, but as a result, I get nothing!


  2. I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and I hate it. Actually, I have white ceramic tile throughout the first floor of my house and I hate it. My mom has laminate in her kitchen and she loves it. She has probably had in there for about six years now. I am replacing mine with either limestone (hides the dirt) or bamboo (almost indestructible). Limestone is cheaper but I really like the bamboo.