In the “people are strange” department – yesterday morning, the parking lot in front of the gym I go to was particularly crowded. The only parking spots available were at the opposite end of the mall, which was fine by me. It’s not that far to walk, and it was a nice day. So I parked and got out.

A woman driving a minivan was circling the lot, apparently not pleased with having to park near the back of the lot. She was still driving up one aisle and down another when I got to the gym. I forgot about her until I saw her a half hour later – on the treadmill.

So, she drove around looking for a spot right at the front door of the gym so she wouldn’t have to walk, then came inside to walk on the treadmill. Am I missing something here? Does that make any sense at all?

Maybe that’s like ordering fries and gravy (or poutine for you Canucks), and Diet Coke 😆


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  1. I’m with Kacey. :yes:

    But as for the fattening food and Diet Coke, I can understand that. Regular Coke’s loaded with calories. Why add the extra calories if you can have Diet Coke instead? 🙂

  2. LOL! I’ve done the diet coke thing. But I much prefer tea. But the people driving and waiting and circling and waiting for the front parking spot drive me crazy.

  3. I like to park close to the entrance of my gym usually because I’ve got three kids in tow along with my bag and their bags. But if it is just me and one child, I purposely park far away for the extra walking. In fact, if I’m by myself anywhere, I park far away so I can get some walking in.

    I drink diet coke with everything be it salad or hot fudge sunday.

  4. Tess, I prefer tea too, but when I do drink Coke, it’s Diet Coke.

    Rene, parking close by would be understandable with kids and bags, but not alone. Oh well, I guess she prefers her exercise on a machine.