I’m melting …

We’re in the middle of a heatwave. We have an extreme heat warning – it’s 32, but with humidity feels like 45 (that’s 113 to you folks south of the border).

My American friends laugh, especially those who live in the south and deal with this weather year-round. And yes, it’s summer, heat is to be expected. But this is Canada!!! The Great White North. The Frozen Tundra. They should be here now, when the only things still frozen are the ice cubes floating in my drinks. And to top it off, we have a smog advisory in effect. How can that be? This is not LA!!

Most of us here don’t have pools to cool off in. Most of us don’t even have central air. We don’t need it for summer, otherwise known as the season of bad snowmobiling.

Stay cool!


I’m melting … — 6 Comments

  1. Margery — Like minds. Check out my blog for today. I said just the same things.

    Jean, from just south of the border. Than Canadian boarder.

  2. Man, fix a frosty Mojito, (we missed you at National, we would have had you try one… :yuck: :mrgreen::mrgreen:) sit in front of a fan, and read a book! Only way to survive that kind of heat without a/c.

  3. Hugs on the heat. We were there last year! Hubby always says think cool thoughts. I say make a reservation at a hotel with a/c, a pool and room/bar service that delivers poolside.