The battle rages on

Horoscope for today:

Your heart wants one thing in your life right this very minute, :heart:

Who are they kidding? One thing??? I have to only want ONE thing???

but your head knows that it might not happen for a while.

Oh, yeah. I know that only too well. But I’m not getting any younger. I’m running out of time. :wall:

The battle between your impatient side and your pragmatic side will rage on today, with little (if any) resolution.

No wonder I’m exhausted most of the time with all that fighting going on inside me every day.

This tension could cause you to lash out at people who try to push your buttons.

Who, me? :no:

It may serve them right

Well, of course it does :yes:

but if you add to the animosity, you aren’t really doing yourself any favors.

Don’t they know nagging can work wonders? :whip:

What about you? Are you the patient type, or do you want what you want when you want it?


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