There’s a mouse in our house

Sound like the title of a Dr. Seuss book? I wish it was! But no, we have a mouse! Not the cute kind like in cartoons, but a destructive little rodent who’s driving us crazy. And what’s worse is that this is the second one is as many months. How they’re getting in, I don’t know, but I wish they’d find somewhere else to set up housekeeping.

We bought little green pellets that were supposed to poison them and make them disintegrate. We bought mouse traps and laced them with peanut butter. We bought sticky things to trap them. Nothing worked. These are MENSA mice! Far too smart for us.

So this morning, in my semi-conscious state when I first get out of bed, I’m heading to my office with my tea, and what do I find. A dead mouse right in the doorway, :shocked: as if he’d been planted there to make sure I saw him.

The question is – what killed him? Where’s Grissom and the CSI team when I need them? The mystery shall remain unsolved, but as long as that’s the end of the mice in my house, I’ll be happy.

Although my husband told me when I woke him up to dispose of the mouse – you don’t really think I’d do it, do you? 😆 – that it didn’t look like the mouse he saw.



There’s a mouse in our house — 1 Comment

  1. I guess I should be thankful our mice can’t get in the house. We just hear them scratching and being generally annoying under the floor. But I really, really wish they’d just go back to wherever they came from.