Life at the lake

As the mosquitoes look on, the car stops in the driveway, and two people begin to unload supplies and carry them into the house.

Mosquito #1: I’m surprised she’s back. Especially after what you did to her last time.
Mosquito #2: What?
Mosquito #1: Don’t play innocent with me. You were such a glutton you made yourself sick.
Mosquito #2: Oh … yeah … it was so good …
Mosquito #1: I wonder why she came back. I would have stayed in the city if I’d swelled up and itched that bad.
Mosquito #2: I heard her hubby really likes it here, so …
Mosquito #1: Would you do that for me? Do you love me that much?
Mosquito #2: Uh … sure I do …
Mosquito #1: What about the man? You want him, or should I?
Mosquito #2: I wouldn’t bother him. She’s better tasting. In fact, I think I’ll have a little snack before she goes inside.
Mosquito #1: Fine. But don’t eat too much. I saw the neighbors pulling in earlier and you know they always have their meals outside. Maybe we’ll have Chinese for dinner.


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