Viva Las Vegas

Ever noticed how many movies and TV shows are set in Las Vegas? There was the original Vega$ with Robert Urich, Las Vegas, Leaving Las Vegas, Honeymoon in Vegas, etc. etc. etc.

I’m heading off to Las Vegas today for a week to play pool in the APA National Team Championships at the Riviera Hotel. It’s a huge event, with approximately 700 teams competing, as well as a kazillion doubles and singles tournaments going on at the same time. This is my first time visiting Vegas as well as playing in such a large venue. It should be quite an experience.

Do you sense another Vegas movie in the making, an autobiography written by me? I can see the title already – “Petrified in Vegas”. Hmm, doesn’t really have an Oscar-winning ring to it, does it?

I’ll work on that when I get back. Maybe, with any luck, I’ll have to change the title to “Victory in Vegas.” Yeah, I like that one much better.

Meanwhile, to keep up with the action going on around the pool tables, check out the on-site coverage here.

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