Rockin’ around the clock

It was Rocky and the Rollers instead of Bill Haley and the Comets, but the music was just as loud – and just as much fun.

We’d heard this band was very popular, and that if we didn’t get there early, we wouldn’t get a seat. So, like many other people here, we drove to the square early and reserved a couple of chairs by leaving our hats on them to show possession. Then we found a cute little restaurant and had dinner. True enough, by the time we got back, the square was packed and latecomers arrived carrying their own portable chairs.

As the evening wore on and dusk fell, it became like one huge house party. More than 200 people in the square rocking & rolling, strolling, or line dancing to four hours of live music from the band. Who knew I was the only person on the planet who didn’t know how to do the Electric Slide?

Even RH got into it, and he doesn’t even dance. Of course, he had to be in the middle so he was hidden from spectators, and the dance area had to be completely jammed. But that’s okay. For the first time in all the years we’ve been married, we danced together – outside. A balmy evening, a soft breeze, good music, new friends. What more could I ask for?


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