Sample Sunday

This week’s short excerpt comes from Wild Wyoming Wind, my western historical romance.

Jake smiled as the wooden door closed on him. The woman had a temper. Not a lick of sense, but enough guts to stand up to him more than many men had.

She wasn’t what he’d expected at all. On the way here, he’d put a picture together of the woman he imagined would marry Caleb Boone, a painted-up fashion plate with a body built to make a man look twice. This little bit of a thing was the exact opposite of the woman he’d pictured. He’d noticed her hair first. Hair the color of fire, curling around her face and shoulders, framing pale skin with just a faint smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her hair was tied back with a pink ribbon, but a few curls had managed to escape, and he wondered just how wild that mane of hair would be if it was let loose.

Yep, he thought, she’s quite a woman, considering her size. Hell, he was sure he could wrap his hands around her waist and still have room left over. Come to think of it, he hadn’t wrapped his arms around a woman in quite some time. That could explain why his mind was on her instead of his job. That could get them both killed.

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