D is for Dallas

No, I’m not talking about the city, but the TV show. Back in the late 70’s, when Dallas first aired, it was originally slated as a five-part mini-series. But then, viewers fell in love with the dysfunctonal and power-hungry Ewing family. It became a phenomenon, the first real soap opera to be aired in prime time.

Millions of viewers (including me) tuned in to see what dastardly deed JR had up his sleeve each week, how Sue Ellen was dealing with her drinking problem, how Bobby and Pam would work out their rocky romance. And when JR got shot in the first real season-ending cliff-hanger, the catch phrase “Who shot JR?” made headlines around the world.

The producers were smart. In the last scene of the series, the camera is inside JR’s bedroom at South Fork. JR is holding a gun. Cut to outside. We hear a shot. It was the ultimate cliff-hanger. Did he or didn’t he commit suicide?

Apparently not. Because Dallas is back! Or will be this summer on TNT. No doubt JR will be up to his old tricks and Bobby will still be … Bobby. But this reincarnation of the show will focus mainly on John Ross (JR’s son) and Christopher (Bobby and Pam’s son). The producers are trying to attract the younger generation while at the same time bringing back those who were fans of the original show. Yes, that would be me.

Other prime-time soaps followed – Knots Landing, Dynasty, etc. I watched them all for a while, but Dallas was still my favorite. I, for one, cannot wait for the premier! What about you? Were you a fan?


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