Spring flowers

Vacation – time to kick back, relax, soak up some sun, right? Uh … no. We (okay, the royal “we”) decided the house needed some colour. White house. Black shutters. Boring. So, how to brighten it up a little?


The previous owners had hedges and plants that we call spider plants here in Canada. That’s it. So, hubby offered (okay, not so much offered as I begged and pleaded and he finally gave in) to dig them out and plant some flowers. I did leave the bottlebrush tree beside the garage. Apparently it’s supposed to flower, but I’ve never seen blooms on it.

I dragged a friend to a nursery and said “I want easy flowers and nothing I can grow at home.” So many gorgeous shrubs and plants in the south I had trouble deciding. Finally, along with some I can’t remember the names of, I bought gardenias, azaleas, plumbago, drift roses, and princess lilies.  Hubby was thrilled (I’m sure the muttering I heard while he was digging and planting was hubby complimenting me on my choices.)

It’s still looking pretty sparse and some of the flowers have lost their petals in their shock at being transplanted, but my friend assures me that once the plants settle in and the garden  fills in, it’ll be beautiful.

Shh, don’t tell hubby, but next spring – an island in the side yard. And a palm tree.


Spring flowers — 4 Comments

  1. That turned out great, Margery!! I won’t tell your hubby about your grand plan of the island and palm tree…we’ll just let that be a surprise, won’t we?

  2. I went flower shopping this past weekend too, Margery. I have such an appalling lack of a green thumb, I hope mine survive.

    Sounds like you made some great selections! And oooh, I think I need one of those islands with a palm tree too, LOL. So much better than a yard gnome 🙂

  3. Mae, I won’t know until fall whether these survive. As for the palm tree, I’m determined. If I’m going to be in Florida, it has to look like Florida. Right? But you know, a gnome isn’t a bad idea. At least it won’t die.