Where in the world …

did my garden go?

Vacation was fun, but coming home to this wasn’t? Even the camera didn’t want to see it, which is why the quality of this photo is so bad.

Last year, I designed a flower bed with curved edges, I dug, I peat moss-ed, I fertilized, I planted beautiful flowers.
Can you even tell where it was? The weeds are stronger than the flowers, it seems.

So, I’ll start over, but this time, I’m buying landscape carpeting and mulch. Try getting through those, you pesky weeds!


Where in the world … — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t have a green thumb, so I don’t bother with flowers. Besides I live in Phx so we prefer desert landscaping.

    I can identify however with the work you put into your garden. It’s sadto see that after putting so much time, care, effort into something that it would just die.

    Good luck w/your garden!