Six sentence Sunday – an experiment

This week, I’m taking a huge detour from my romance-writing roots. And as the Monty Python movie offers, now for something completely different. This is the beginning of a mystery series I’m thinking about writing. I’d love to hear your comments. Should I go back to writing romance? Should I continue with this? Or should I give up writing altogether? For the record, the last option is not going to happen 🙂

         They say family should come first, that blood is thicker than water. But when your blood flows because you tried to be nice, to do a favor for one of the family, it’s hard to remember that. Especially when the cause of that blood spilling doesn’t even appreciate it.
         Family. The reason I’m lying here in a hospital bed, a chest tube sticking out of my side and all my bodily functions being monitored and recorded as if I’m a lab specimen. And the person responsible – albeit unintentionally and indirectly – is out dancing with my ex.

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Six sentence Sunday – an experiment — 7 Comments

  1. I love the voice here and can’t wait to find out what put her in the hospital. When family’s concerned, all bets are off! Great beginning!