Playing it safe

Happy Sunday, everyone. Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been lax in posting my six sentences for the past couple of weeks. Vacation will do that to you. But I’m back, and taking this week’s sentences from The Next Victim, available on Amazon and other ebook outlets.

         One thing they would never be was friends. They could have been lovers, maybe, if he was anything but a cop and she was anything but a reporter. It wouldn’t be the first time a cop had let something slip to a reporter when the wrong part of his anatomy was doing his thinking for him, and that slip had ended up on the front page of the newspaper the next morning.

He and Shannon could have even been more than lovers, if he was in the market for something more than a one-night stand – which he wasn’t.

Police work and relationships didn’t work. He’d found that out in the worst way possible.

What do you think? Should he take the risk that their relationship would end badly?

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Playing it safe — 4 Comments

  1. I read this book about a month ago, it really kept you thinking. I have read a lot of your books and have really injoyed them. thanks pat

  2. Welcome back to six sentence sunday and hope you had a great vacation. Fun six, really sets up the inherent challenges a cop faces personally. Of course he should take the risk. Live dangerously.