J is for John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

I was having trouble coming up with a J word for today’s post. Juice. Jump. Jello. They didn’t do it for me, and the only other word I thought of was John – probably because that’s hubby’s first name. For some reason I can’t even fathom, the melody of the first line of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt popped in my mind. It was one of those days where no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it out of my head, and since I only ever knew that one line, I couldn’t even finish the song. So I googled (Google is your friend :))

Its origin appears to be pretty obscure, but it seems it’s a nursery rhyme song. Here are the lyrics:

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
His name is my name too.
Whenever we go out,
The people always shout,
There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah

If you can’t remember the melody, it’s here.

Do you know the song? Fingers crossed you won’t spend all day today trying to get it out of your head.

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