K is for Koala

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREIsn’t he (I’m assuming he’s a he) the cuddliest? I’ve always loved koala bears. No idea why, but I always have. I even have a stuffed koala bear on my dresser that hubby bought for me a kazillion years ago. I’d show you a photo but I’m on vacation right now and didn’t think of this K word until today.

Koalas aren’t the cute and cuddly little bears we think they are. In fact, they’re not bears at all, but marsupials.After they give birth, they carry their babies in a pouch, just like kangaroos. After about six month, the babies emerge and cling to them until they’re about a year old before they’re independent.

Native to Australia, koalas mainly live in eucalyptus trees and feed off the leaves. They’re nocturnal animals, sleeping up to 18 hours a day.

But whether they’re bears or not, they’re still cute. But don’t get too close. Those claws are super sharp.


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