Where did my green thumb go?

I like to think I have a green thumb. It might not be emerald green, but it always had a tinge of at least pale chartreuse. My houseplants thrive, but for some reason, my flowers and shrubs in the garden outside … well, let’s just say my green thumb-ness is lacking.

I love hydrangeas. So, when we ripped out all the old shrubs and flowers two years ago, I knew exactly where the new beautiful hydrangea was going to go. I planted it, watered, fertilized, did everything I could to help it settle in. And the first year, I did get a few blooms. Not a lot, but hey, it was just a baby. Last year, not one. No idea why. And then this year, a few buds that looked like they were going to eventually bloom. They’re still in the bud stage.

My next-door neighbor also has hydrangeas. These are hers.


Can someone please explain to me why she has gorgeous flowers on hers, and I have this:

Do you see the wannabe flowers? There are a few, but you really have to look closely.

Maybe I should give up and plant a hosta or impatiens there I haven’t killed any of those yet. Or better yet, plastic. Good idea?
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