Mary Marvella’s Plan B

Mom_Porch_3072_RPlease help me give a warm welcome to my author friend, Mary Marvella. Here’s a little info about Mary.

Mary taught school for 15 years. She now tutors, writes novels and novellas, coaches writers, edits freelance and for Gilded Dragonfly Books, and looks for the next wonderful story. Mary has published 3 novels and 2 novellas, all available at

Now that we’ve taken care of the formalities, Mary, the blog is yours. Take it away.

Plan B, my favorite plan!

Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog! I have always believed having a Plan B is necessary.

When I started my first book, I just wanted to share my characters’ story. They insisted I write it. Then I decided I could sell it to a New York publisher. No one loved the story I had sweated and done without sleep to write. I’d even learned to use a computer, for God’s sake, and just enough to write the story. So I grabbed for plan B and sent it to e-publishers who also turned it down.The new plan became to publish it myself. Before I could, an editor for a publisher of erotic fiction asked to see the book. I snickered. No way would he want that book with it’s sensual love scenes but no ménages , no bondage, S&M, or well, you know. So after he bugged me and reminded me for more than a year that he wanted the book, I sent it. Lo and behold, he wanted it.

When I told Margery I’d blog for her, I expected to have a book cover and a release date for Protective Instincts, the book I finally sold. I don’t yet. Plan B again. I have other books to share, the ones I Indi-published.

If you like to read about a different kind of heroine or protagonist, give Edna Mae a chance to win your heart. The woman came to me in my dreams and poked until I finally listened. Edna Mae was shy but insistent. She buried her controlling father on her fortieth birthday and lost her virginity that very night with a stranger she never expected to see again. Perfect for a woman’s fiction book. The baby’s daddy would be history and this shy woman would raise a kid alone. Well, once I started writing the story, she set me straight. She made wonderful friends and the daddy … Not telling any more! Plan B was Edna Mae’s plan and she got it right! Read about her in The Gift.

The Gift is available now on Amazon.

To learn more about Mary and her other books, visit her at the following places:
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Mary, thanks so much for visiting with me today. I loved The Gift, and can’t wait to read Protective Instincts.


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  1. Glad to see that Douglas will finally have his moment in the sun, Mary! Cpngrats!!