Hydrangea … finally

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my green thumb, or rather, my lack of it when it comes to growing hydrangeas. I posted two photos, one of my pitiful hydrangeas, and one of my neighbor’s. You can see them here. Turns out (thanks to my sister’s flower-recognizing skills) my neighbor’s hydrangeas weren’t hydrangeas at all, but peonies. Color me embarrassed, but in my own defense, how could I see they were different when none of mine were blooming? I was sure my neighbor had said they were hydrangeas. But it’s no wonder mine were still tiny buds. Hydrangeas and peonies don’t even bloom at the same time of year.
So, I’m happy to report my hydrangeas are finally blooming. Not as many as I’d hoped, and they aren’t white, which they’re supposed to be. Instead, they’re pale pink, but that’s okay. I have flowers, and even though my thumb might not be bright green, it’s a relief to find out it isn’t completely black after all.

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Hydrangea … finally — 2 Comments

  1. Glad you are having good luck. As someone whose house is famous for hydrangea, let me share a tip. If you want blue hydrangeas, add coffee. Most coffee shops will give you their used grounds for free. I don’t trim mine and they are huge!