Location, location, location – a poll

No, I’m not talking about how important location is in business and real estate. I’m talking about my new project.

Now that I’ve put the finishing touches to Zane, the last novella in the Morgans of Rocky Ridge historical western trilogy, and it’s out in the world, it’s time to choose a new project. Like most other authors I know, I have dozens of half-finished manuscripts, basic plot outlines in dozens of computer files, and tons of half-baked ideas scribbled on pieces of paper and stuffed in a drawer. They all have one thing in common. They’re all romance novels. Nothing wrong with that except that right now, I want to stretch my writing wings, to try a new genre.

So, I’ve planned out a new series. A suspense/thriller with an FBI heroine. No longing looks between the main characters. No kissing. No sex – at least not that I’m planning, but you never know 🙂

But now I need your help. All I know so far is that the main character’s name is Megan. She doesn’t even have a last name yet. 🙂 She has just been promoted and is heading to a new assignment. But where? There are so many options. I’ve set up a poll. Cast your vote for where you think Megan should go. The poll will close on Sunday, October 20th, and I’ll narrow it down to the top three, then make a decision. I’ll let you know where Megan is moving to following week, so stay tuned.

[yop_poll id=”3″]

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