Annie Seaton and her Dangerous Desire (with giveaway)

Annie_Seaton_200x300I’m thrilled to have Entangled Publishing author, Annie Seaton, back to my blog (see her previous visit here).

Welcome back, Annie. The blog is yours.

Margery…thanks for having me on your blog. It is a pleasure to be here.

I’d like to tell you a little bit today about my characters and how they develop. I’d love to be able to say that I am a very organized and structured writer and that my characters are well planned and well thought out as I plan the plot structure of my story.

But alas, no matter how hard I try to be a plotter and think my book out it just doesn’t work for me. I can have a plan but once I get into writing my characters take over and direct the story development and their personalities.

My stories always begin with my characters and sometimes a setting. I already have a good understanding of their motivations and their personality quirks before I begin writing. They are usually based on a combination of people I have met over my life and I take a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and throw it into the melting pot. Then my characters drive the development of the plot and their personal growth.

It may be hard for a non-writer to understand that, as they may say but the author is writing the story, but for me it is a very much a part of the creative process. It is like zoning out and becoming a part of the story.

I loved writing the development of Gracie in Dangerous Desire. I enjoyed the gradual reveal of her true character. From an innocent, dressed up as a vamp to revealing she was not so innocent after all! There are many surprises in store for the reader…and Jake the smouldering hero as well. Jake is a flawed character and we see his growth as he helps Gracie search for her missing sister.

Thanks for having me visit and I hope you enjoy reading Dangerous Desire.

Annie’s Bio
I live with my husband, and ‘Bob’ the dog and two white cats in a house next to the beach on the east coast of Australia. I sit in my writing chair, gazing at the ocean and writing stories. Our two children are grown and married and I love spending time gardening, walking on the beach and spoiling my two grandchildren. Always fascinated by all things romantic I have found my niche in life writing romance novels, ranging from contemporary to paranormal with a foray into steampunk!

Dangerous Desire is the third of nine books I have contracted with Entangled Publishing. My debut full length novel, Holiday Affair, a contemporary romance set in the South Pacific was released as part of Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line in March 2012 and has been a best seller on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The sequel Italian Affair will be released in June 2013, followed shortly after by Outback Affair. I have more books being released in 2013 with Entangled Publishing in the Bliss, Entangled Suspense and Covet imprints.

A desperate search…
Schoolteacher Gracie James has never seen more danger than her seventh grade classroom, but when she goes searching for her missing sister, she’s thrown into a world of sex, crime…and passion. Following a hot lead, she sneaks onto a stranger’s boat—and gets caught. Their one-sided conversation convinces her of two things. One: the guy is seriously sexy. Two: he knows something about her sister. Oh, yeah. And did she mention he’s sexy?

If the conservative parents at the little outback school where she’d taught kindergarten for the past two years could see her now, she’d probably be out of a job. Skintight, red, sparkly dress, four-inch heels, and heading for a party on a tycoon’s yacht. The butterflies in her stomach confirmed for her, she was way out of her comfort zone. Even shopping for the clothes this afternoon had made her nervous.

This was so not my scene. Not at all.

Of course, she wasn’t going to try to board the yacht and join the party just yet. She was going to check it out before she decided on her next move. Gracie swallowed and put one hand to her throat, trying to dislodge the fear stuck in there like a lump of stale bread. It was much easier dealing with snotty noses and tying shoelaces than skulking around a marina with million-dollar boats docked along each boardwalk.

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Thanks so much for visiting, Annie, and best of luck with your new release.

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  1. great excerpt, Annie!

    I’m the same way. I call myself a pant-lotter, because my characters regularly lead the story away from the outline I’ve worked so hard to develop. Wouldn’t have it any other way. lol