Thistles and haggis

According to an article in our local newspaper, there’s a campaign going on to bring ex-pat Scots back to Scotland to live. The population is declining, with the same number of people in the Greater Toronto Area as there are in all of Scotland. The article touts the glories of Scotalnd – castles, glens, heather and the skirl of the pipes, not to mention haggis (eeew). All that notwithstanding, I think I’ll stay right here.

The article goes on to say that a 2003 study found that from 1991-1995, the mortality rate of people of working age was the worst in Western Europe, and that in 2000, women had the lowest life expectancy in Europe and men the second lowest.

Does the author think telling me this would make me want to run out and buy a one-way ticket back to Scotland? I don’t think so. Now maybe if they offered Mel Gibson in a kilt …

What about you? If you aren’t now living in your home town, would you like to go back and live there?


Thistles and haggis — 6 Comments

  1. I’m with Suzanne. I’ve lived so many places in my life I don’t really have a “hometown”. Where I am now wouldn’t be my first choice, though.

    But what really caught my weird notice was this:

    women had the lowest life expectancy in Europe and men the second lowest

    Um, so women are first, men are second. Okay, I get that. But the way they phrase this it sounds like there might be a third choice. 😀

  2. My hometown is a nice place to visit once in a great while. I like where I live now too much to even think about moving back though.

  3. Nope. How many people do you hear say that they want to go back to Attica? Seriously, I like living somewhere that’s just as small, but within easy distance of a city where you can find things to do — like I do now. Not that I ever do anything, but I like to know I could.