Is there an echo in here?


Is there an echo in here? :cough: :cough: See me waving the cobwebs away? It’s been so long since I’ve been, the dust bunnies have had babies and grandbabies.

Yes, I’ve neglected my blog lately, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to whether I really want a blog. It takes, time, commitment, and a steady stream of topics to write about. I have time. I can commit myself (or maybe I should be committed, but that’s another post). It’s the subject matter that stalls me every time. There are a hundred things to write about or photograph every day, right? So why is this so hard? ❓

I’ve come to the conclusion (with a little help from my friends) that a blog needs a theme. Three of my friends, Suzannne, Kacey, and Tori have recently changed the focus of their blogs and given them themes, and their blogs are now more popular than ever.

I need a theme. So, what? Travel? Life after retirement? Lake living? Pool? Crafts? So many choices. But which theme is the BEST theme?

For the next few weeks, I’ll be on vacation. But I’d love to hear your opinions, so make a comment. Let me know what you’d like me to ramble on about, and please check back later.

Until next time,


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