Six-sentence Sunday – Would a man’s profession scare you off?

With a major construction project going on in my house, I completely forgot about Six Sentence Sunday the last two weeks. I almost forgot this week, too, because I was busy getting my latest medical romance ready for publication. But I’m back, and I’m taking my six sentences from my new release, The Firefighter and the Lady Doc. In this scene, the hero has been in the heroine’s ER for treatment. He’s gone now and she’s alone.

         Yet curiosity forced her to open the chart she’d brought into the lounge with her. She scanned the first page, listing his personal information – name, address, age, next of kin, etc.
         The box marked “Employer – Occupation” caught her eye. When she read the words, her stomach clenched. Three years, and she still couldn’t control the sick feeling of dread in her heart whenever one specific word registered in her brain.

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Six-sentence Sunday – Would a man’s profession scare you off? — 10 Comments

  1. Hmm, makes me think she’s loved and lost someone to the job. Personally, I wouldn’t run from a guy with a scary profession like that, where they put their life on the line. I will and have run from men with professions in the music and entertainment industry, professional athletes included. Have some friends and co-workers that have gone that route over the years and the stories always the same in the end.