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steph7Please help me welcome author Stephanie Burkhart to tell us about her books and her love of exploring (travelling).

Thanks for being here, Stephanie. First, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. I was stationed overseas in Germany in the 1980-90’s, and visited the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Belgium, Poland, and was married in Denmark. Currently, I work for LAPD as a 911 dispatcher. I’m published with Desert Breeze Publishing, 4RV Publishing, and Victory Tales Press. My story, “Victorian Scoundrel” won Romance of the Year at Deep in the Heart of Romance in 2012.

There’s a bit of an explorer in every writer
Who doesn’t enjoy a good adventure? Adventure could be anything, but I remember growing up as a young girl in New Hampshire, I always yearned to explore, and find some adventurous task to undertake. I could get lost for hours in the woods behind my grandmother’s house. One day I was a pirate searching for treasure, the next, Nancy Drew looking for a long lost puzzle piece. I loved crawling on the rocks at Hampton Beach hunting for lobsters, and picking blueberries while hiking in Bear Brook State park. When I turned 18, I joined the Army and began a journey full of worldwide adventures.

I traveled to Germany, and visited states in the USA I would have never had an opportunity to. I discovered I loved German cuisine, and visited the Eiffel Tower. When I moved to California, one of my favorite adventures involved visiting Napa and Sonoma counties, the heart of California’s wine country.

yos3Just recently, my family and I went to Yosemite. It was my first time, but I immediately fell in love with the rich beauty of the area. We hiked around Bridelveil and Yosemite falls. We explored Mirror Lake. I saw El Capitan, Half Dome and 3 brothers, and the amazing view is on my license plate. We camped in Wawona, in the southern part of Yosemite and visited the giant sequoia trees in the Mariposa Grove.

yos16What is so special about exploring? For me, it’s about learning new things. I’m never too old to learn. Heck, my 11-year-old son and me became Yosemite Jr. Rangers. That’s why when I write, I like to use to settings that are prone to touch the “explorer” in us. My latest novel, “Sunrise Over Brasov,” is set in the 1880’s in Romania – near the city of Brasov. For those who enjoy exotic locations, Brasov is a city that stirs the explorer in all of us.

SunriseoverBrasovCoverArt72dpiMy latest novel is “Sunrise Over Brasov,” Book 3 in the award winning Moldavian Moon Series.

Prince Michael Sigmaringen joins his sister-in-law, Caroline, and the vampire prince, Darius, in a daring rescue of his beloved at Poiana Brasov. However things aren’t what they appear. Upon freeing Rosa from the werewolf, Clement, another wolf, Rickard follows them.

Michael soon discovers Rickard is a new breed of werewolf – one who can control his lupine nature and his transformations. Michael and his companions arrive at the vampire fortress, Rasnov, but can go no further when Clement attacks wanting Rosa and Rickard back.

Michael’s courage, strength, and convictions are challenged beyond his limits, but his love for Rosa proves his guiding force. Can Michael finally rid his family of their lupine haunting and win Rosa’s heart?

He raised his hand and lowered his hood. An inherent strength filled his profile. Confidence. Concern. Relief.

Rosa’s breath jammed in her throat. He looked familiar. He smelled familiar.

“Rosa, it’s Michael. Let’s go.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

A frown set against his rugged features. “I don’t have time to argue — now put on a warm dress and cloak.”

“No.” She was not going anywhere with him despite the relief in his voice.

He sighed and shut the door. Moving with fluid grace, he crossed the room, jerked the door to her closet open and threw the items he wanted her to wear on her bed. “Get. Dressed.”

“No.” She was determined not to budge, despite the danger outside.

“Rosa, we’re leaving.”

“I’m staying.”

“Why would you want to stay? Clement kidnapped you.”

Disconcerted, she pointedly glanced away from his hard stare. What did he mean by kidnapped? Clement didn’t keep her behind bars and feed her only bread and water. Rosa could even go into Brasov to shop as long as Lucien or one of the bodyguards went with her.

“I’m going to take you back to your mother.”

Her head snapped toward his direction. Mother? Of course she had a mother — a family, even — only she had no recollection of them. So why did her body fill with warmth at the mention of her mother by a man she hadn’t seen before, but was hauntingly familiar? She pursed her lips, torn by conflicting emotions.

“Caroline and Darius can’t keep this up. Now get dressed or I’ll dress you myself.”

“You’ll find me an unwilling subject.”

He drew in a deep breath and raked a hand through his thick ebony hair. “You are exasperating.”

“So I’ve been told.”

TheWolfsTormentCoverArt 2GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment about your favorite adventure along with your email and I’ll pick one winner to receive a PDF copy of Book 1 in the Moldavian Moon series, “The Wolf Torment,” which one GOLD in the 2013 Reader’s Favorite Contest in the Fiction: Supernatural category.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today.

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  1. Congratulations on your reward for Victorian Scoundrel, Stephanie. It’s so wonderful that, working in the service of your country, you were able to visit so many European countries…and meet and marry your husband. Your paranormals are wonderful. I wish you every success.

  2. Sarah, thanks for stopping by. I’m grateful for my time in the military – it was an amazing experience.


  3. Traveling with children is always adventure. When my kids were little, we visited my parents in San Francisco. On the plane, I gave my 3 year old son some gum to chew. He asked why, I said it was for his ears. When we arrived my mom wanted to know why he had gum inside his ears. 😀 They loved visiting Napa Valley but we enjoyed the trip to Muir Woods more.

  4. I love travel adventures. I’ll have to try the junior ranger program next time we’re at a national park–although I can already see my husband frowning. 🙂 So far, I’ve been to 6. They’re all spectacular, but I will never ever forget my first look at the Grand Canyon. Our ten mile hike there is something we still talk about.

    Best of luck!

  5. My explorations are limited to England, Scotland, and Ireland, when my daughter photographed 2 weddings in Scotland in one weekend! There was the trip to the Grand Canyon and to Yellowstone. I had mommy duty in Yellowstone while hubby photographed everything he could find.

    Thank you for your service, Stephaine!
    Mary Marvella recently posted…New experiences.My Profile

  6. Linda,
    LOL!! You know, my Joe would do the same thing! He loves to chew gum but I often find in places I shouldn’t.

    Virgina, my gosh, the Grand Canyon is magnicificent, isn’t it? I took my breath away. The boys and I would love to go back.

    Melissa, sometimes, the funnest travels are in a book.

    Ella, thanks so much for the tweet. It’s appreciated.

    Mary, I would love to go to the places you have!

    I’d like to congratulate Linda for winning my giveaway. I drew her name out of the hat to recieve a PDF copy of The Wolf’s Torment.

    Smiles to all.