Spotlight Saturday: Shadow of Death: A Laura Nelson Thriller by Patricia Gussin

Welcome to another Spotlight Saturday. This week, I’m reading Shadow of Death: a Laura Nelson Thriller, written by Patricia Gussin, a new-to-me-author.



Title:      Shadow of Death: A Laura Nelson Thriller
Author:  Patricia Gussin
Genre:   Thriller



Pull a trigger and everything changes. Medical student Laura Nelson had just finished examining her first patient when she is forced to make a split-second decision that will alter the course of her life – forever. One life will end, and one life will never be the same. But keeping her dreadful secret will be one of the toughest challenges Laura will ever face. With a persistent and perceptive detective hot on her trail and a host of eerie incidents suggesting that maybe her secret isnt really a secret, Laura is drawn into an unseemly web of peril, deceit, and treachery and is forced to risk both her freedom and her sanity. Will her deadly secret come to light, or must she live forever in the shadow of death? Set amidst the upheaval and smoldering chaos of the Detroit riots of 1967, Shadow of Death is a haunting tale of unrest, fear, and consequences. Hailed as a stunning debut novel, Shadow of Death provides a spine-chilling glimpse of what lurks in the shadows.

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